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It was the title that grabbed my attention: “Snake Walkers”. I pulled it off the library shelf, read the cover flap, and quickly realized that this is not a book I would usually choose to read. I, however, found the title and the idea of “the mysterious abandonment of a small town” intriguing so I checked it out. I am truly at a loss for words to describe the array of emotions I felt while furiously reading page after page to get to the end of the story. If a book should ever be a best seller or made into a movie, it’s this one. I won’t even include a synopsis of the book in this review, because as I said it’s not a book I would normally pick up. This is a must read regardless of your preference of genres/topics.

Elyse’s Reviews, Goodreads

While the beginning of the book was a little slow, a little perseverance will put you deep within the soul of a touching, thrilling story like no other. You’ve never seen the times of racial wars like this before, I can assure you. It’s a wonderful book that will open your eyes to many things, including what true love and family means.

Beverly Pechin, Reader Views

Brilliant, Soul Searching, Penetrating

Everett Prewitt is a natural story teller. I was drawn right into the story. He captured my attention from the first paragraph. The plot carries with it all the elements of conflict, romance, and intrigue. The action is heightened by a masterful pacing of conflict and resolution. Throughout the story Prewitt maintains suspense. The story unfolds a haunting theme of mystery.His descriptive phrases and imagery activate all five senses. I smelled the flowers, heard the twigs crackling, and felt the explosion of a gun blasting nearby. Although often graphic, Prewitt was sensitive as he described the racial tensions of the 1960s and atrocities that often went unacknowledged and unreported. I was deeply moved by the underlying current of family loyalty, secrecy and tension. The novel gave the author a platform to enlighten in the reader a moral and social responsibility. I was deeply touched and was often struck by an emotional chord as I recognized the impact of environment and family heritage on my own growth and value formation. The author’s sensitive writing and insightful character development creates an empathy for all his characters, the heroes and the downtrodden. Each was faced with choices based on ritual and tradition that might have an effect on the life and safety of others. I highly recommend this book anyone consciously trying to bridge the social injustices of the past with the hope of the future. This is a brilliant, penetrating novel.

Richard R. Blake, Owner, Family Book Center, San Leandro, CA

A highly visually descriptive, detailed and refreshing novel, it is hard to fathom that Snake Walkers is the first work of author J. Everett Prewitt. Set in the 60s, Prewitt takes you through a journey of revelation and the ills of the times as a young black reporter seeks to uncover a mysterious occurrence some 10 years prior. Prewitt has mastered the knack of carefully weaving our history, intellect and pride between these pages while flowing ever so easily. Always maintaining balance, Prewitt examines the mind of reporter Anthony Andrews and his “better than” views on blacks in society. Prewitt also steps forward and entertains the gravital pull of street life and the options one has reaffirming the importance of family and how that bond can mean the difference between right and wrong choices. From Little Rock to Cleveland the streets come alive with music, ambience and culture. One must not underestimate the mystery and suspense that continues to heighten throughout the story as the pieces slowly come together. The characters are so true to life…. some naive, some proud, some with their own agenda, but all authentic. This…book…novel…lesson…mystery is one you cannot afford to miss. You will be torn between finishing the last page and cherishing the story for yet another day.

James M. Lisbon, Publisher, AMAG/Awareness Magazine

Nothing is what it seems in Snake Walkers, and Prewitt has done an excellent job of maintaining the suspenseful plot and providing the reader with characters they can truly care about…The author graces the novel with fascinating detail…Snake Walkers is a page-turner filled with enough serpentine twists to keep the reader well mystified as well as enlightened.

Five out of Five Stars

Kathleen Youmans,

…events twist and turn with surprises cracking like gun shots right to the end…(Prewitt) develops complex characters and a fascinating mystery with historical roots. It is an engaging novel with insights to ponder.

Kaye Bache-Snyder, Small Press Review

Snake Walkers is a dynamic work of fiction. The plot is full of twists and suspense; this adds an additional layer of richness to an already compelling work of historical fiction. Prewitt’s use of language was impressive and so full of detail that I could see the landscape, hear the screeching tires, and feel the clammy hands and surges of adrenaline. It was simply a delight to read.

Stacey Seay, RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Everett writes with a great mastery of plot and characters, capturing the attention of readers right from the riveting opening to the pounding climax, with the pace never slackening in between. This compelling page-turner marks the debut of an extremely promising new talent.

BookWire Review

Suspense, fear and racial tension keep the reader glued to the pages. This is a story of the closeness of a strong African American family. Prewitt weaves historical events (fictional) throughout the book. This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time. If I could, I would give it six stars.

Cheryl Robinson, Executive Producer—Just About Books

Luke 10:19 NLT reads “I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you.” Thus begins Snake Walkers, an engrossing mystery and coming of age story, partially set in Cleveland, with well developed characters and lots of surprises…The author grabs the reader’s attention on the first page and holds it until the last.

Jacqueline R. Avery, Antioch Speaks

The author displays a deft touch with the written word. His prose is polished and professional. He creates a lot of suspense immediately, and the reader is quickly drawn into the action of the story. Excellent.

Writer’s Digest Judge—Mainstream/Literary Fiction—13th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

Snake Walkers is well-written and tells a gripping story. The work put into the editing is obvious and will surely result in many awards for this book. The writer has presented a novel that is far more advanced than his experience. It’s an impressive piece of work.

Diana LaVigne, Indian Life and Style Magazine

Everett Prewitt has created a captivating read that becomes more and more transfixing as this story unfolds. This talented author does an outstanding job with his first release.

Books2Mention Magazine

Snake Walkers is a captivating book that delves into explosive subjects such as lynchings, overt and institutional racism, and retribution. Although this is the author’s debut, Prewitt clearly writes from wisdom and know-how, which will cause readers to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to read a few more chapters before bedtime.

Emanuel Carpenter, Midwest Book Review


I so enjoyed this novel. It was hard to put down because I could not wait to see what would happen next. I hope that I don’t have to wait too long for the next book. Congratulations on a super job.

Judge Glenda Hatchett, The Judge Hatchett show and author of “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say”

I’ve got to tell you, this has to be one of the best “reads” that I have had in a long time—maybe, ever.

j.m.k. Spriggs, writer/consultant/playwright.

Snake Walkers was a very impressive, well-written and conceived work. From the riveting beginning to the end, you constantly draw the reader forward with an elegantly constructed intrigue. Congratulations and thanks for giving birth to this work of art.

Dean Smith, Musician and Producer of the CD One Hand Clapping

The book is great. I could not put it down. You were able to keep my mind intrigued all the way through. Your writing approach is wonderful. I loved the story, the characters and the use of some familiar information regarding Cleveland. You have a talent I was unaware of. Keep moving ahead. This book is a winner.

Johanne Reid, New York

I enjoyed reading your book! It was an “easy” read—which is important to me when I’m reading for pleasure. The story was strung together nicely which made it easy to follow the characters. And, I loved the powerful themes that you so cleverly lifted up in the story, i.e., the unifying value of tradition and ritual; the power of love for family; life’s journey–the choices we make along the way and the consequences of our choices, etc. You even stumped me in a couple of places. You are a good writer and I think you have a winner.

Donna L. Cummings, President and Principal Consultant, DL Cummings Inc.

Well, the reviews are in! I just got back from the UK, and found a message from my Mother. I had sent her your book, and she read it in one sitting, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations! She’s a tough audience.

Dr. Allen F. Denzine, President, Cortest, Inc.

I just finished the book this morning. I have not been able to put it down so I have been reading it every chance that I got. I was so sad when I finally closed the book this morning before I went to work. I can see a movie based on Snake Walkers. Maybe I am being premature, but will there be a sequel?

Pat Hill Insurance Consultant, Patricia T. Hill, MBA

I finally finished the book this morning, having read a chapter or two each night since meeting you and purchasing it at the June 12 breakfast reading here in L.A. I truly enjoyed it. First of all, it was a good read; secondly, it told a not oft told story about pride, dignity, family and power that a lot of people need to hear, particularly today’s young Black men. You did a formidable job! It held my interest and I identified with, or at least understood, all the characters. I even loved the names: Cread, Edethel, Ransom, Deacon, Hilton (which is my fathers name, as Raymond is my older brothers(!)). I certainly look forward to your next book, and wish you all God’s speed in getting it to press. It was a pleasure to have met you. Stay wonderful.

De’Lois Jacobs, Los Angeles, CA

Just a brief note to thank you for having created such a masterful literary work. I found it thrilling and compelling such that I could not put it down until I was through. A job well done. I hope that it takes off and you make a movie and enjoy the stardom that you richly deserve.

Richard Mullins, Ph.D., Washington, D.C.

I finished your book over the weekend. You wrote a hell of a great story. I wish you continued greatness.

Gloria Pace King, President, United Way Central Carolinas

I just finished Snake Walkers and wish it hadn’t ended so soon. I enjoyed it immensely. I had heard you on WCPN while driving in my truck and quickly pulled out my pen and notebook to write down your name and the title so I could order the book on when I got home. I was not disappointed. You told your tale well and developed characters who were both believable and admirable. Congrats on a job well done.

Mike Cullison

P.S. For what it’s worth, I’m a middle-aged white guy

Fantastically written, wonderfully inspiring! To all serious minded readers, you positively will not regret purchasing this novel. After reading Snake Walkers, you will respectively address your elders as the beacons of light and wisdom for the family that they are, and honor them for the guidance that they’ve shared with you.

Zina McDowell-Heath, President F.B.I—Elite Book Club, Philadelphia

I could not put this book down. The entire time I was reading it, I felt lile I was in the story. I think this should be on Oprah’s Book Club, and I think this book would make an excellent movie.

Sandra H. Smith, Covington, GA

One of the best fast moving stories I have had the pleasure of reading. From the first page to the last it was hard to put this book down. I would love to see it made into a movie. I highly recommend this book.

C. Smith, As Reviewed on

Snake Walkers was fabulous!

JoAnn Fastoff, Author, The Gordian Knot

I completed Snake Walkers in record time, having found it to be one of the most engaging and insightful works of fiction I have ever read. The characters were fascinating, and the story line and plot twists enough to keep anyone coming back for more—that is, if they could put the book down in the first place. My only regret was that when I turned the final page it was over, but of course the experience lives on as I continue to ponder some of the more thought-provoking scenes and moments. It was a masterful work on multiple levels, and I thank you for bringing it to us.

Dan T. Falstad, Atlanta, GA

I just finished reading your novel Snake Walkers. I wanted to thank you for writing the book. I did a Google search on you hoping to find other work written by you. I really enjoyed the book, and was surprised to find it was your first novel. Many times after the first few paragraphs I will tire of a book. With Snake Walkers, I was immediately drawn to the characters. I felt them to be genuine and real. I then became intrigued by the “suspense,” which turned to fascination with the story. In the end it was the realization, that tied the bow on it. Well done Sir. Please don’t let this be your last novel. You have a talent for the story, and it would be a shame if you did not write more to share. Perhaps there is a story about your experiences in Vietnam?


A sweeping and powerful novel, Snake Walkers illuminates racism’s dark past, and one young man’s triumph over it. The protagonist, Anthony, is such a genuine presence, that I felt physically ill when I read of the attrocities he witnessed in the woods. His struggles and eventual triumph over his demons are treated with grace and dignity, so that I felt humbled and uplifted as I turned the final page. I am in awe of the fact that this is J. Everett Prewitt’s first novel. The thing that sets this book apart from many other detailed accounts of the horrors of racism is its ability to paint the lives of the characters in such a realistic light, and it is their humanity that makes the reader love them. A purchase of this book is money well spent!

Rachel Whitley, Smashwords Review