A Long Way Back Reviews/Blurbs


“…this is an intelligently crafted tale, brimming with both suspense and social commentary.” (Full Review)

—Kirkus Reviews

“(A) fine novel. This novel takes an important place on the small shelf of African-American Vietnam War novels. …the book is well worth reading.” (Full review)

—Vietnam Veterans of America

A Long Way Back is a powerful and compelling novel. Recommended for home and school libraries, this book has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. Full Review

—Literary Classics

A Long Way Back by J. Everett Prewitt is an excellent read that follows a post reporter who is sent to Vietnam to report on the war effort. What he uncovers is the disgusting truth about race in the military and a cover-up designed to protect those in power, while ensuring those who were betrayed are never allowed to have a voice…The book’s ability to fairly, and accurately tackle both issues is impressive. J. Everett Prewitt is an excellent writer and his writing style is realistic, intense, and seems to accurately capture the time period and military life…This book does everything well including pacing, character development, and the storyline itself. It is clear that Prewitt is a good author who is well within his wheelhouse on this one…Prewitt has created a powerfully moving novel with A Long Way Back.Full Review

—Reader Views

A Long Way Back follows a journalist, Anthony Andrews on his quest for more information regarding the return of a group of seven men from combat in Vietnam. During his investigation, racism, corruption and ulterior motives are all unearthed after an altercation sends these carefully selected men on a dangerous mission. This novel was unlike any other piece of work I’ve read before. The author’s ability to transport the reader into the jungles of Vietnam and the heart of combat is superb and painstakingly beautiful. War veterans and civilians alike would appreciate the raw honesty and themes explored in this novel. I recommend this book to readers everywhere.

AAMBC Book Reviews

A Long Way Back tells the story of a group of Black soldiers in Vietnam during the war and a Black reporter who writes their story. Riveting action and horrific details make the book realistic and bring the reader into the lives of these men. This book portrays a little-known period of racial tension and segregation. This book has adult situations including sex scenes and should be read by mature teens and adults. It would be an excellent teaching tool.

—Connie Huddleston’s Five Star Review

A Long Way Back presents with a dark, illustrated cover that is immediately attention grabbing. We know that we will be in for an adventure here. Love the hardcover selection here and the over-all production quality is very well done. No major issues here. As to the plot, I’m always looking for a unique idea and while the entire premise is not totally original—the author has an excellent writing style and his voice was perfectly suited for this genre. That being said, it is often times that writing style that will pull us into a novel and keep us coming back for more. This book was a great story and I was entertained, informed, and felt an immediate compassion for the entire cast. Just a really strong story. In fact, I’m hoping the author has much more in store for us in the near future.”

—Writer’s Digest Competition Judge #19


“This is an awesome story. As a retired Army officer and veteran of two tours in Vietnam and having personally been under enemy fire, I can attest to how well you captured that experience within the events of the story.”

—Norman Mays, Major, USA, (ret)

“I found your novel A Long Way Back to be a compelling recounting of the war from the perspective of black soldiers.”

—Anita Bunkley, author

“A Long Way Back is a riveting story set in Vietnam in the 1960s. It captures the ugliness of war and racism, but is much more a page-turning story of brotherhood, determination, and survival.”

—Barbara Hacha, author of Line by Line and Sidetracks

“Definitely a thoughtful reflection on what happened. I found myself learning a great deal about their ordeal. An important piece of history, I would highly recommend it.”

—Samantha H.

“Prewitt skillfully shows us a Vietnam that few people heard about and even fewer saw. You will be alternately shocked and ready to root for these beleaguered soldiers. More important, though, Prewitt offers an alternate view of an unpopular war. Without authentic voices like this to give us alternate views, all we have left is history.”

—John Kavouris

“This story took me back to my childhood, seeing the impact that Vietnam had on those of us at home waiting for brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, and friends to come home. Several young men my family knew never came home, even at ten years old, I recall the conversations, and this book is right on target, bringing back the fear, worry, hope, and confusion that only a ten-year-old can feel.”

—Theresa Ede

“An intriguing story of deceit, loss, survival, and the comradery forged in the horrors of Viet Nam in 1969. The persistence of one man’s desire to explain and then redeem seven survivors of a secret punishment deployment to Cambodia drives the narrative.”


“Very insightful….deals with part of the unspoken history of the war.”

—Louis M. Thomas

“Wow. A well-told story. It felt true (although I didn’t check if this story is fiction), We know every American institution is just a microcosm of the greater Society, including the U.S. Armed Forces, so story was very viable … As an African-American the characters resonated real and on the mark in the storyline … So, other than seeing another ugly story (in a long line) perpetrated against AA solders. it was great that the injustices were redeemed by some of the Black guys resulting in a happy outcome .. njb .”


The reading of this novel had a soothing affect on my psyche, a brief respite from the mania of the rise of the neo-conservative right in a presidential election year and a criminal justice system that condones the shooting of unarmed black young men, women and adult males. I highly recommend this book to progressive change agents to capitalize on the message to be cool headed, prepared and united in our need to prevail.

—Olivia Peck

Thank you so muich for your beautiful writing. It has changed us as a group and forged new friendships. Our lives are forever connected by your “griot” skills. Please continue to unify our people and uplift us.

—Jacita Based Book Group

I continue to be impressed by your ability to weave important themes and concepts into your writing, e.g., perseverance, unity, the human spirit, determination, how experiences, attitudes and beliefs influence/determine our fate, brother’s keeper, self-will, ironies, etc. You are, indeed, an effective writer.

—Donna Cummings