The Surge

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We’ve all heard of the surge the last two presidents employed so our Middle East allies could achieve political stability. I’m familiar because I employ it myself. In fact, I’ve utilized The Surge many more times than our esteemed leaders, and I would say, with better results.

Most veteran writers agree that to be a good writer you need discipline. That means you write every day or you at least make the attempt. This supposedly creates the continuity and dedication required to finish your novel, poem, script, etc.

Me? I do better when I employ “The Surge” concept. This means that I write only when I feel like Mt. Vesuvius ready to erupt. That’s when my imagination combined with my (ahem) unbounded literary skills are at their best. It’s usually because I’m inspired (or not) by someone else’s writing. It could be after I’ve made an observation of someone’s accomplishments or of some human failing. It could be after watching a movie, a television program, or listening to the radio. It could even be after leaving a bar, the library, or a restaurant. (Mostly the bar. There’s some great stories in dem der bars).

The difference for me ,though, is that months can pass where I’ve not written or attempted to write a word. But when I get this urge to surge, I’m like a runaway train. The Surge will awaken me at 3 A.M. and compel me to write until dawn. The Surge will find me putting down a business report with an impending deadline to finish writing a New York Times bestseller. The Surge will find me ignoring my girlfriend, family and friends to attend to my transitory passion. Luckily I have no pets, because The Surge favors no one.

The result of this approach to writing is that deadlines don’t work. I can’t picture myself trying to write to meet a date of someone else’s choosing. Ask my fellow bloggers, Sarah, Barbara, and John who have gently reminded me that last week was my time to blog. (I’ll be providing them with their personal surge protectors.)

During the time we’ve tried to overwhelm our enemies, I’ve written one book and ten short stories. Since our wars are still in progress, I would say my method is a bit more productive. So unless there’s a counterattack by some writer’s block virus that inhibits my production, I have no choice but to continue to employ the surge.

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